7 Steps to Retirement Success

7 Steps to Retirement Success

During retirement, it is critical to have clearly defined offensive and defensive strategies. Unexpected events will happen, the key is knowing how and when to play offense or defense. Having strong financial fundamentals in your plan will give you the confidence to do the right thing for your situation at the right time.   This course is designed to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to establish both offensive and defensive planning strategies that will help ensure a predictable path to retirement success while minimizing your chances of running out of money prematurely.



What You Will Learn

  • 7 Key steps to improving your retirement
  • Understanding why Financial Fundamentals are key to success
  • How to be a Retirement Champion
  • Understanding your Retirement Road Map
  • Does Budgeting Matter in Retirement?
  • Being on the same page with your spouse
  • What is Financial Paralysis and Financial Free Fall – how to avoid both
  • Making sure you enjoy retirement
  • Assessing your current situation
  • Understanding 3 Major risks in Retirement most advisors do not discuss with you
  • What is the risk of outliving my money?
  • Understanding the 2 Forms of income in retirement and what is the proper mix to have.
  • What is the Highest safe withdrawal rate in retirement today?
  • How to create a plan that prevents your own bad behavior from blowing up your portfolio
  • What is the difference between Speculative & True Asset Allocation?
  • Proper stress testing to find the weak links in your retirement plan
  • Understanding the difference between the Accumulation and Distribution phases of Retirement
  • What does Sailing have to do with retirement planning


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