Taxes in Retirement

Taxes in Retirement

Efficiently managing your taxes involves many intricate details and strategies — and a clear understanding of
any changes to the tax code. To prepare and plan for the future, we would like to invite you to our class, Taxes in
Retirement. Learn new tax tips and receive reminders on key items to help you reduce your liabilities and meet
your financial goals.

• How and why the marginal tax system differs in your retirement years to your detriment
• Will you really take money out of your IRA at a lower tax bracket than you put it in
• Understand the provisional income calculation on your Social Security payments.
• Understand how Capital Gains and Dividends impact your overall tax liability differently in retirement
• The difference between deductions, exemptions and credits on your tax return.
• Know the 9 different pieces of the tax system
• How IRA Required Minimum Distributions work and effect your tax liability
• How Social Security is taxed
• When Medicare premiums can increase as a result of your income
• Get to know the tools that can be used for tax control



All course attendees will automatically receive a FREE Membership to the American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA) where you will gain 24/7 access to the following:

  • A Personal Dashboard– multiple financial tools at your fingertips
  • Personal Calendar- schedule of upcoming AFEA events & classes
  • 32 Financial Calculators- Social Security benefits estimator, Roth IRA calculator, 15/30 year mortgage comparison calculator, home budget calculator and many more.
  • Training Videos- AFEA On-Demand brings you financial training videos that you can watch at your leisure, reinforcing the topics and strategies taught in the class
  • Free Personal Financial Coaching- direct access to a Personal Financial Coach via Direct Messaging for financial questions and concerns
  • AFEA’s E-newsletter – up-to-date financial news, tips and advice to keep you on the road to financial success
  • Free Downloads of Popular Periodicals & Reports-
    • Earnst & Young LLP: Retirement Vulnerability of New Retirees
    • Rex Voegtlin: The Top Social Security Misconceptions
    • The Wharton School of Business: Retirement Security and the Financial and Economic Crisis
    • Putnam Institute: Optimal Asset Allocation in Retirement
    • Center for Retirement Research as Boston College: The Social Security Claiming Guide

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