Akron, OH #4830 Chapter Directors

David Romans, Ph.D.

Chapter President

Dr. David Romans is the Director of Business Analytics for Affinity Advisory Network in Canton, OH where he works with people across the US in a variety of training and support capacities. He has had the privilege of directly educating over 12,000 people regarding the essentials of Estate Planning in the last 12 years. He works with a talented group of multi-disciplinary professionals who specialize in Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medicaid, Legal Services, Tax Analysis and Preparation, Insurance, Market-Based solutions, Investments, Financial Services, etc… to create and implement effective retirement solutions that are customized to each of his client’s needs and wants. David is also a VA-accredited claims agent and has helped veterans receive millions of dollars of benefits they so richly deserve.

David previously worked in the Energy Industry for one of the most prestigious R&D Facilities in the world where he was responsible for developing novel power generation technologies. He then spent several years training surgeons and medical personnel on the efficacy of computer-guided surgery techniques. He now utilizes his problem-solving capabilities to help people retire how and when they want to.

When he’s not working with people to help them attain their retirement goals, he spends his time developing algorithmic trading strategies, mining, and anodizing. One of his favorite quotes relevant to estate planning is “A problem well stated is a problem half solved” by one of America’s greatest inventors, Charles. F. Kettering, also a Buckeye. David is blessed with a wonderful wife and three kids that he loves without measure.