Kennewick, WA #4493 Chapter Directors

Tom Black

Chapter President

As a Financial Planner,Tom has a thorough understanding of the complex issues that must be addressed when preparing a strategic retirement plan.

Tom has always been interested in wealth management, graduating with a Finance degree from Brigham Young University. He attributes his career path to his passion and desire to help enrich peoples’ lives. Tom is motivated by helping people maintain financial independence and their active lifestyle long into retirement by providing a holistic financial review process. Prior to joining his firm, Tom gained extensive experience overseeing client-business relationships, client satisfaction strategies, accounting, budgeting, projections, and financial operations. 

Active in his community, Tom volunteers with his local church and with senior citizens. He fills his free time reading, camping, hiking, and gardening. He and his wife, Jana, call the Pacific Northwest home, close to immediate and extended family. Tom's radio show airs every other Wednesday on AM KONA at 9 am.

Tom and his team provide essential guidance to help people deal with the economic challenges often faced in retirement.